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Let us check how to reach Bandhavgarh national park by various popular means of transport. As we know that Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is located in Umaria District of Madhya Pradesh State in Central India. It lies in Eastern region of state through which Vindhya mountain ranges passes, whose forest area is offering shelter to rare wildlife species. Madhya Pradesh State is divided into number of districts. Geographically Tiger Reserve forest is spread over Vindhya ranges that spread through Central India and constitute important forest belt sheltering varying variety of flora & fauna. Waterfalls in Vindhya ranges are scenic & popular for its evergreen nature. Vindhay & Satpura ranges are two important forest belts of Central India sheltering a major share of Indian Tiger's population.

Route Distance (in Kms.)
Bandhavgarh to Umaria 37
Bandhavgarh to Katni 100
Bandhavgarh to Jabalpur 190
Bandhavgarh to Khajuraho 250
Bandhavgarh to Kanha National Park (Khatia) 260
Bandhavgarh to Panna National Park 210
Bandhavgarh to Pench National Park 390
Bandhavgarh to Satpura National Park 440
Bandhavgarh to Pachmarhi 430
Bandhavgarh to Nagpur 480
Bandhavgarh to Varanasi 410
Bandhavgarh to Raipur 480
Bandhavgarh to Chitrakoot 210
Bandhavgarh to Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve 110

Bandhavgarh by Flight

Though Bandhavgarh do not have the airport facility for main stream Flights but Jabalpur city which is the nearest city to Bandhavgarh has good flight connectivity with major cities of India. Private charters can land near to Bandhavgarh National Park, Umaria district is having small air-strip facility for charter planes. Jabalpur Airport(210kms/04:30hrs) have direct flights for Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. It is the best option for reaching Bandhavgarh National Park as it connected with 02 important cities: Delhi & Mumbai . In between these three flight options, AirIndia flight is operating in 4 days (including Sunday) in a week whereas SpiceJet flight is operating daily basis. Similarly, one can enjoy flights for Delhi from Khajuraho Airport also which is about 250kms / 05:00hrs from Bandhavgarh India. Their is second option also i.e. Khajuraho airport (250kms) having direct flight connectivity from Varanasi. Tourists coming from Delhi may also take one-stop flight from Delhi to Khajuraho. Further journey from Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh is possible by tourist cabs.

Bandhavgarh by Train

Train connectivity for reaching Bandhavgarh National Park is good. Here we have 3 major railway station options i.e. Umaria station (37kms), Katni railway station (100kms) and Jabalpur railway station (180kms). All these railway station have great potential and good train connectivity from rest of Indian cities, tourist destinations and towns. Tourists can easily find numerous train options for these stations. These railway stations have direct train connectivity from all important cities and tourist places like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Ajmer, Agra, Mathura, Gwalior, Bhopal, Jalgaon, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Varanasi, Allahabad, Howrah, Haridwar etc. For further journey, tourist cabs are easily available.

Bandhavgarh by Road

Bandhavgarh National Park is spread on Vindhya Ranges of Central India and it well connected with many cities and tourist destinations like: 
From Umaria: It is the nearest largest town connected by road, train and charter planes. Park is just 37kms/45mins from Umaria town. 
From Jabalpur: Bandhavgarh is about 190kms from Jabalpur city. Their are 03 different ways to reach Bandhavgarh from Jabalpur i.e via Katni, via Sleemanabad and via Shahpura tribal town. Jabalpur have connectivity with Delhi & Mumbai by Flight and train connectivity with major cities like Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc. 
From Katni: This city is important railway junction and is about 100kms/02:30hrs from Bandhavgarh. One can travel by road from Katni to Bandhavgarh via Umaria or Barhi town. 
From Khajuraho: It is at a distance of 250kms/05:00hrs is also well connected by road to Bandhavgarh.