Climate & Weather


Bandhavgarh lies on the extreme north - eastern border of the present state of Madhya Pradesh in India and the northern flanks of the eastern Satpuda mountain range. The climate of Bandhavagrh is a north indian monsoonal. It is mainly characterised by well - defined winters, summers and rains. During the winters the mercury falls upto 2° C in the month of January and during the summers it goes upto 45° C. Average rainfall of 1133 mm, most of which pecipitates during the monsoons (July to October). Some rains result from the southern cyclones as well, between the months of November and february. 

Temperature Chart

Here we have tried to prepare temperature chart of Bandhavgarh in which we have shown month wise average temperature. It is as per normal conditions in each month of a year. In case of any unusual change in climatic change, temperature may vary. Given temperature chart is very usefull in deciding the time to visit Bandhavgarh. Please note that Bandhavgarh core zones remain closed in monsoon period i.e. from July to September month. But all buffer zones remain open in all the months of a year thus it is possible to visit Bandhavgarh in all the seasons. Using this temperature chart information, we can plan our trip and visit this national park.


Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Minimum (°C) 1 10 22 30 33 35 28 21 25 30 26 19
Maximum (°C) 18 25 35 40 45 45 37 28 35 38 35 22

Weather & Climate

Bandhavgarh tiger reserve lies in the tropical monsoon climatic zone. Here we can experience all the popular seasons i.e. summers, winters and monsoon season in best distinctive way. All these seasons registers their prominent presence in thieir time. Let us check more about them.

Winters in Bandhavgarh

Winters in Bandhavgarh can be experienced from November to February months period.  November is the beginning of winters when morning temperature begins to fall and we can experience more difference between night & day temperatures. December & January are the months of peak winter when temperature reaches even 1°C in mid-nights and day-time temperature is around 15°C. Although temperature falls in night hours but in daytime we can enjoy bright sunlight which given more relaxing feel. Here we can observe the considerable difference in day and night temperatures as with sunrise, day temperature increases rapidly. Winters in Bandhavgarh is considered as a good time for safari holidays. Large number of tourists undertakes their trips in this period. It is considered as the best time for nature and wildlife photography. In this season, we can find both core zones and buffer zones open for tourism. Birding also remains good in morning hours of the day.

Summers in Bandhavgarh

Due to heat waves, it is considered as the challenging time for jungle safari drives but results of safari drives are mostly satisfactory giving as chances of tiger sighting is high in this time. Summers in Bandhavgarh can be experienced from mid of March to mid of June. This is the period when temperature reached 45°C in daytime with severe heat-waves. Wildlife photographers prefers this period for tiger photography. It is the best time to visit for tiger photography. During this period, probability of tiger sighting is very high and tracking is also easy for safari guides. During summers, mainly sightseeing occurs in and around water holes as it is the best place to relax. During this time, mammals & birds prefers to stay close to water sources, marshy lands. During summers, both core zones and buffer zones remain open for tourism. Here morning safari begins comparatively early as sunrise takes place early.

Monsoon in Bandhavgarh

Monsoon in Bandhavgarh can be experience from beginning of July to September month. During this period, all core zones remain closed due to which tourists arrival is at its least. Park management opens only buffer zones for tourists and allows its online safari ticket booking. Tourists from nearby towns & cities, use to visit in this period as an getaway tour. In this period, temperature as remains between 22°C or 36 °F as to 37°C. Majority of tourists prefers to avoid safari tours in monsoon as rainfall may cause frequent suspension of jeep safari. Forest department do not offer any reimbursement safari ticket fee, in case of safari cancellation due to rainfall. Due to this associated uncertanity, majority of tourists avoids, Bandhavgarh in this period. In this period, only buffer zones remain open for tourists and core safari zones remain closed for tourism. Good thing about Bandhavgarh safaris in monsoon season is that due to sedimentary rocks, here chances of safari cancellation due to monsoon road damange is very less in compare to Kanha national park or Pench national park. 


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