Bandhavgarh Safari


Jungle safari is the prominent attraction of any wildlife tour. Tourists can do jungle safaris in Bandhavgarh national park. In a day, two rounds of safari drivers are allowed inside the core-zone of park. On every Wednesday, park remains closed for evening safari drives. Here in Bandhavgarh, safari area is divided into three safari zones i.e. Tala zone (Gate-1), Magadhi zone(Gate-2) and Khitauli zone (Gate-3). Among them Tala zone is the oldest safari zone and other two zones were opened later due to increase in tourists arrival. These 3-zones are called core zones of Bandhavgarh. Now buffer zones are also open for visitors. Buffer zones in Bandhavgarh includes Dhamokhar zone, Panpatha zone and Johilazone. Jungle safari in Bandhavgarh is a paid service for which tourists are required to acquire entrance ticket/s in which all visitors name, age, gender, country and identity document details are given along with name of safari zone and safari round. All the visitors are required to carry their original identity document during safari drives as it is verified at the entrance gate. Safari tickets are non-transferable. During safari drive, guide service is compulsory on each safari vehicle. Here safaris are done on open safari jeeps and canters. Maximum 06 person are allowed to sit in a safari jeep and 12 tourists are allowed in a safari canter vehicle.

Preparations for Jungle Safari

To enhance safari experience, it is advisable to carry following item with you:

  1. Re-check your ticket details like safari-date, safari schedule, visitor names etc.

  2. Ensure that you have your original ID document with you as it will be verified at the time of entrance for jungle safari.

  3. Sun-glasses, water bottle/s.

  4. Hat or cap.

  5. Good-quality camera is essential to capture best images of wildlife in Bandhavgarh.

  6. Wear clothes of color matching with surrounding, avoid wearing shiny clothes.

  7. Keep binocular/s with you. During park-safari, most of the time you will find you have to keep distance from animal, during such time binocular will prove to be the best thing to watch them.

  8. Keep sufficient memory-cards & camera batteries with you as forest offers enormous images to capture and often visitors feel shortage of memory/ battery.

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