Single Seat Safari

Single seat safari means sharing safari in Bandhavgarh national park. Here safari cost is shared between total visitors in a vehicle


Single seat safari option is a way to book sharing safari for Bandhavgarh national park. Here each safari seat is sold independently so that tourist will pay only for his/her seat/s in a vehicle. Usually in full-safari option, which is also called non-sharing safaris, we pay for all 6 seats so that whole seats will be booked for you and no other visitor will enter in that vehicle. When you safari budget is less or you want to do more safaris are lowest possible cost then Single-seat option is best way to attain those objectives. Single-seat safaris are offered only for core safari zones i.e. for Tala zone, Magadhi zone and Khitauli zone. It is not offered for buffer safari zones like Panpatha zone, Dhamokhar zone, Johila zone.