Full Jeep Safari

Do full jungle safari for freedom to stop, wait & move. It means non sharing mode of safari. We are operating & offering non-sharing jungle safaris in Bandhavgarh, preferred by wildlife photographers.


Read about full vehicle safari pattern in Bandhavgarh. Here full-vehicle safari means non-sharing mode of jungle safari in which complete safari vehicle will be at your duty. It is one of the most popular mode of jungle safari in Bandhavgarh. Earlier this is the only mode of jungle safari thus term "Full-vehicle" was not popularly used as their was no sharing mode of safari in offer. At that time, safari means full-vehicle safari. Later it was noticed that with increase in safari charges, this jungle activity became unapproachable for people with low budget. It was also noticed that large number of budget visitors were deprived of safari activity due to unavailability of safari permits. Thus in order to accommodate more visitors in jungle safari activity and to make safari costing more reasonable, within budget of low-budget travelers, sharing mode of safari was introduced. Thus in order to distinguish between non-sharing and sharing safaris, terms like "Full-vehicle" and "Single-seat" safari came into existence.Both the safari modes have their own pros & cons thus according to requirement, tourists can choose the suitable safari option. Below we have shared more details information on full-vehicle safari.

Full Vehicle Permit Type

As per its name, full-vehicle safari permit means whole safari vehicle will be for you. It is a non-sharing mode of jungle safari option. Normally tourists explore jungles in this mode of safari but when tourism pressure increases, in order to accommodate more visitors on limited number of safari vehicles, sharing & non-sharing versions of safaris are offered. As per NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) guidelines, tourism is possible in 20% of tiger reserve area and a limited number of safari vehicles are allowed in core zone safari area. It means, as per demand, we can't increase the number of safari vehicles. As Bandhavgarh national park is part of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve thus NTCA guidelines are applicable on this national park also. In any safari vehicle, only 6 tourists are allowed to sit and go for safari drive. In this mode of safari permit booking, we get the right over all 6 passenger seats thus it becomes non-sharing mode of safari. Re-selling of these seats is not allowed thus at the time of permit booking, we have to decide our co-visitors and fill the booking form accordingly. Let's check out the benefits and challenges with full-vehicle safaris.


We are offering full jungle safari in Bandhavgarh national park of Madhya Pradesh. Non sharing mode of safari is called full jungle safari.

  • Privacy: As per its name, it is a non-sharing mode of jungle safari. In this mode, you will be accompanied by your vehicle-driver and safari guide. Both are mandatory in all mode of jungle safaris. In addition to them, no other outsider will be their thus as per convenience and safari timing, we can stop the vehicie, wait for some activity and move in our allocated safari zone. Their will be no disturbance due to company of other unknown co-visitors. For VIP or luxury tourists, it is very suitable mode of jungle safari.
  • Fixed Fee:


We are offering full jungle safari in Bandhavgarh national park of Madhya Pradesh. Non sharing mode of safari is called full jungle safari.

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