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All details about jungle safari in Bandhavgarh national park. Tried to answer all your questions related with safari service for Bandhavgarh safari experience.


Bandhavgarh is popular for its jungle safari experience. Wildlife of India is mainly known for healthy tiger population in its tiger reserves. Bandhavgarh is popular for its high tiger density thus undertaking jungle safaris in Bandhavgarh means high probability of tiger sighting. Being a tiger reserve, here all the rules of National Tiger Conservation Authority are implemented like dividing the forest into two categories i.e. core forest & buffer forest. Here we can find different variants of jungle safaris like jeep safari, canter (open-bus) safari, hot air balloon safari etc. These safaris are managed by forest department, as per their rules and regulations. While doing jungle safaris in Bandhavgarh, service of guide and driver is mandatory. These jungle safaris are operated as per pre-decided timings i.e. Morning safari and Afternoon or Evening safaris. Timing of jungle safaris, changes as per seasons. Actually it is decided as per change in timings of sunrise and sunset. Every Wednesday, Bandhavgarh national park remains closed for afternoon round of jungle safari. This closure is for Core zones jungle safaris but not for Buffer zones jungle safaris. Lets check some more details to develop our understanding towards Bandhavgarh jungle safari experiences.

Core-Buffer Safari Zones

While reading about jungle safari options, we will frequently come across the terms like core zones and buffer zones. Now question arises, what is core zone and buffer zone? Core zones are divisions of core forest and Buffer zones are divisions of Buffer forest. Core forest is, as per its name, central forest, towards radius of tiger reserve area. Here commercial activities like hotels are not allowed. Only Forest department patrolling camps are allowed. It is undisturbed area thus most preferred part of forest for wild animals. Core forest shares its outer boundary with buffer forest only. Now Buffer forest is the outer forest or surrounding forest of core forest area. It means buffer forest shares its inner boundary with core forest and outer boundary with rest of the world. Forest villages, private resorts lies in buffer forest thus it has some human disturbance factor thus here animals sighting probability is comparatively less. Both the forests have their own importance in wildlife conservation thus we can't under-rate anyone. This forest division strategy can be seen in all tiger reserves of India.

Safari Types

Tourists visiting Bandhavgarh national park are from different backgrounds, different professions, coming from different places with varying financial status. Some of them are leisure travelers, wildlife photographers, students, adventure lovers etc. Thus they all see the forest from different point of views and their safari requirements are also different. Here in Bandhavgarh we can find popular safari options like jeep safari, canter safari, hot air balloon safari, late evening safari. These 4 safaris are as per rules and regulations of forest department. In addition to this, hotels offer some other safari variants like nature walk or walking safari. village visits, private butterfly parks visit, birding safaris etc. These resort level safaris are mostly offered at deluxe and luxury resorts as they have in-house naturalists with them.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is the most popular way to do explore the forest of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. Here jeeps are used to carry tourists for jungle safari experience. Apart from jeep safari, canter safari is another way to explore this forest.

Non-sharing Safari

It is the most popular mode of jungle safari at Bandhavgarh. Here tourists can do exclusive safari vehicle for himself only without sharing with any unknown person. Majority of safaris at Bandhavgarh are done through non-sharing or full-vehicle mode. The option to avail this safari has to be decided during permit booking. If you have booked permit in full-vehicle mode then it means this will be non-sharing mode of safari.

Sharing Safari

As the name suggests, here we share our safari vehicle with other tourists. It is a cost effective way to experience jungle safari. For this, you have to select single-seat option, during permit booking.

Canter Safari

It is a open bus for jungle safari in which safari seats are offered in sharing mode. Thus we can say that it is another mode of sharing safari option for current or walk-in visitors. Its seats can be booked through ticket counter only in offline mode. Its advance booking is not possible so offers a sign of relief to visitors who reach Bandhavgarh without any prior permits booked.


Balloon Safari

Balloon safari is now a days closed for tourists. May be in future, once again this mode of safari will be offered to tourists. Balloon safari offers adventure and thrill during flight.

Late Evening Safari

Late evening safari means the night safari. It is always offered after the closing of afternoon safari and sun-set. Night safari is good for adventure lovers who are more interested in experiencing jungle life after sunset, hearing jungle calls, trying to see nocturnal species about whom majority we may not have written or heard from others. Thus new species are often discovered during night safaris.

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