Bandhavgarh.co.in is a wildlife tourism website of travel firm "Indus Excursion". As per its name, it is dedicated for Bandhavgarh national park and its adjoining tourist destinations. Here we have tried to cover all tourism aspects of this national park which includes tour planning, booking arrangements etc. Here we are offering services like planning for trip to Bandhavgarh in which we suggests best time to visit, about current jungle safari updates, planning for jungle safaris as per best safari zones, suggestion of best possible accommodation facility as per budget of our guest and arrangement of ground transfers from nearby railway station or airport or any tourist destination like Kanha national park, Amarkantak, Panna national park, Sanjay Dubri national park, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Pench national park, Bhedaghat etc.


We are offering all tourism services at Bandhavgarh national park. Although our area of operation is complete India but here we have focused our service details as per Bandhavgarh national park and its adjoining tourist destinations. Tourists visiting Bandhavgarh national park are from different backgrounds. Here meaning of background means professional background, financial background and their interests. These factors play important role in deciding their requirements of their trip. If somebody is from business background and would like to visit any national park for a different reason in compare to a person from service background. Similarly wildlife photographers or researchers have different angle to see these forest and thus their tour plan will have different preferences in terms of tour duration, location of hotel, safari guide, number of safaris, places to cover etc. Tour plan is also influenced by the budget of tourists. Decision of hotel and number of safari rounds are directly influenced by the budget of tourists. Thus instead of fixing our guests in our fixed tours with fixed budget, prefixed hotels we try to see every guest as unique visitor and design the tours as per their preferences. This makes their tour plan more customized and matches to their expectation. In below given paragraphs, we have shared some of the basic aspects of services, we are offering.

Tour Planning

It is the first phase that begins with the receipt of query form our guest. Our query form is designed in such a way to understand the all important details which are required in an ideal tour plan, that matches to our guest requirement. The details that we guest, through our query form gives us many details of customer requirements. Getting necessary details in one run saves precious time of both i.e. customer and service provider, by reducing the number of email exchange in knowing the requirements. Message box allows them to share more clear information about required services. Analyzing the posted details, we design the tour plan and offer to our guest for consideration. As per reaction of our guest, we keep on refining the plan, matching to their expectation.

Tour Package

We offer complete tour packages for our guest. For Bandhavgarh tours, we design and offer tour package which normally includes activity booking (jungle safaris rides), accommodation booking and cab transfers. These are the three important parts of jungle tours. The benefit of taking tour package from us is that we take the complete responsibility of all these arrangements by establishing better coordination between activities. According to the objective of visit, the ideal combination of accommodation, safaris, activities are determined and offered. We operates both the packages. One in which guest requests for just Bandhavgarh tip and second one is those packages in which guest expresses interest to visit multiple destinations like chain of national parks or combination of heritage & wildlife destinations. 

Hotel Booking

Being long duration expertise in Bandhavgarh trips, we have special discounted rates to offer for Bandhavgarh resorts & lodges. If somebody want just hotel booking service from us, we are open to offer them our service. We are using some most popular resorts and safari lodges  where excellent service is assured. Bandhavgarh have variety of accommodation options from cheap to luxury options. Here we can find number of eco-friendly hotels with grasslands, tall trees, bamboos, organic gardens, butterfly friendly parks inside the campus of resorts. At the same time, we will find resorts with modern eminities with varying locations like some resorts are close to core zone boundary, some resorts are surrounded by forests, village areas, nearby market place etc. So much variety in accommodation helps us to choose best suitable match for guest, according to their preference.

Cab Service

Bandhavgarh national park lies in eastern part of Madhya Pradesh state. Its nearest railway station is at Umaria town (37kms). Other popular options are Katni and Jabalpur cities. Marjority of arrivals are from these two cities due to good train and flight connectivity. Apart from this, many tourists also travels from nearby tourist destinations like Kanha national park, Khajuraho, Panna national park, Sanjay Dubri national park, Bhedaghat etc. We are offering tourist cabs service for Bandhavgarh in Central India. If someone has already booked their resort & safaris and need just cab transfers, our services are available for them. Large number of travel companies are already working with us in this way.

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