White Tigers

Location: Bandhavgarh National Park

White Tigers



Bandhavgarh national park is popular for its Whiter tigers. In past white tigers were found and hunted in this forest area. White tiger is nothing but a pigmentation variation of same Bengal tiger. They are distinguised due to color of their fur. These tiger lace in pigment pheomelanin which responsible for orange color of their fur. It is said that these white tiger use to grow faster than normal tigers and their body weight is also comparatively more than normal tigers.

White Tigers in Bandhavgarh

In year 1951, a white tiger cub  was captured by King of Rewa Martand Singh. Tiger was given name called Mohan.  During that hunting expedition, Martand Singh was with Maharaja Ajit Singh of Jodhpur. In first view, Martand  Singh noticed one tigress with 4 cubs of approximately 9 months in which one  was white tiger. All other were shot and white cub (Mohan) was left alive and  offered to Jodhpur Maharaja to shoot but he refused to shoot such a beautiful  creature. In year 1948 also, one white tiger was shot dead by Maharaja Martand  Singh. Mohan was the beginning edge of white tigers chain of Rewa. Mohan was  not the first white tiger found in Rewa. In year 1915, father of King Martand  Singh captured a male white tiger and was kept in captivity from 1915 to 1920.  After his death, he was mounted and offered to Emperor King George V as a  gesture of loyalty. At present, specimen is in British Museum.

Mohan was put in a enclosure at a  un-used palace at Govindgarh, Rewa. In year 1951, Martand Singh planned to  offer Mohan to some Museum or Zoo against heavy amount of money and placed adds  in The New York Times & The Times of London. But due to some reason, he  didn’t succeeded. Later, Mohan was used in some successful breeding programs of  white tigers and his gene reached many corners of world. If we go through hunting records  of Maharaja’s of Rewa, one can fine about 9 white tigers were shot down. As per  an article published in Journal of Bombay Natural History Society on 15 Nov,  1909, a white tigress was shot in Mulin sub-division of Dhenkanal State of  Orissa. Its reports also reveals of shooting of 17 white tigers between 1907 to  1933.

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