Safari Ticket Booking

Location: Bandhavgarh

Safari Ticket Booking



While visiting any tiger reserve in India, we are required to purchase safari ticket to secure our permission to enter and visit the tiger reserve area. Many people call it entrance permits also, which means the same. Their is high demand of wildlife tourism in India, especially in some popular tiger reserves in which, Bandhavgarh is one. Thus large number of tourists plan to visit this tiger reserve and this count increases during weekends, festival weeks, government holidays, school vacations. As per rule of Forest Department, all the safari tickets or entrance permits are to be booked online through a website. Guest is required to carry printout that that ticket. Here safari vehicles are privately operated but their is a laid system to book the safari vehicle. Here safari vehicle union operates the booking of each safari vehicle by maintaining their booking counter, just close to Forest Department ticket counter. Third important part of jungle safari is safari guide. They are trained guides, mostly from local villages who have workable knowledge of English language but good knowledge of mammals, birds, trees and various locations inside each safari zone. They are provided to each safari vehicle on mandatory basis, whose fee is to be deposited at the time of entry, at ticket counter, near safari entrance gate.

Safari Booking

As we know well that safari permits are booking online, through filling up safari booking form and making online payment for safari ticket/s. Fields that we are required to fill-up, on mandatory basis, during online safari booking are as follows: 

S. No.

Field Name

Field Data Description


Tourist Name

Full name of each tourist is required.



Gender details of each visitor.



Provide age (in years) as on travel date.


Father or Husband Name

Provide name of Father or Husband.



Select nationality of guest, as per his/her ID document.


ID Proof

For Indian nationals, it could be Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID card, Driving License, Adhaar Card or Government Department ID card. For children below 05 years, ID is not mandatory. School going Indian nationals may use their school ID card as ID document. For Foreigners, only active Passport is accepted as ID document. Must carry your ID document, in original, during all safari drives.


ID Proof No.

Provide Unique number of your ID document.

Once we will provide all these details, in next step, we will proceed to make online payment for safari ticket booking. Here it is important to understand that we will pay for safari permit or ticket only. This fee will not cover the cost of safari vehicle and safari guide. Remaining charges are collected at the time of entrance for safari drive.  Even when we book safari tickets through hotel or travel agent, they collect all the charges in advance but actually payments were made in parts. Once safari ticket is booked successfull, it is important to check the status box. Ideally it should be of "Confirm" status which means your entrance is 100% confirm but if your ticket shows status as W1 or W2 then it means your entrance is still not confirm and is subject to cancellation. W1 means in case of any single ticket cancellation, this ticket will get confirmed and W2 status means this ticket will get confirmed on cancellation of two different tickets. Each safari ticket have its own unique number in the form of transaction id. All the visitors are expected to carry printout of his/her safari ticket, along with his/her active original ID document. Both will be checked and verified at the time of entrance and after paying vehicle fee and guide fee, we will be allowed to enter inside the safari area. Now a days, we can make safari vehicle payment, 24 hrs before safari time and collect the vehicle number which will come for pick-up. If your safari ticket is of "Single Seat mode" then safari vehicle & guide fee is paid only at the time of entrance, as per number of sharing partners and this safari vehicle will not come to hotel for pick-up and drop. In shared safari system, guest is required to reach ticket counter by own to pay and catch the vehicle.  

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