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Location: Bandhavgarh

Places to Visit


Places to visit in Bandhavgarh

Here in Bandhavgarh national park, jungle safari drives are the main activity to do. Earlier fort safari, night safari was the alternate options but unfortununately forest department closed them. So for tourists, popular places to visit are the areas located with in safari zones. Here in Bandhavgarh, 3 core safari zones are existing i.e. Tala, Magadhi, Khitauli and 3 Buffer zones are present i.e. Dhamokhar, Panpatha & Johila. Inside these safari zones, they are variety of tourist places which are popular among visitors, due to different reasons like waterholes, landscapes, historical places, meadows area, caves, human made statues etc.

Bandhavgarh Safari

Here in Bandhavgarh, safari zones are sub-divided into safari routes. These safari routes are allotted to each safari vehicles in such a way that their will not a vehicle congestion on any safari route and tourists will be able to visit different areas of that particular safari zone. These safari routes are decided by Forest Department officer, at the time of entrance for jungle safari. Tourist may suggest its choice but ultimate decision of officer will be final one. Let us check places to visit under each safari route.

Tala Zone

It is most popular safari zone of Bandhavgarh. Tourism routes or places to visit in Tala zone are as follows:

Route-A: Main entrance gate to sidhbaba, charkradhara watch tower to Giraha, Bandini Tiraha, Bandhani Patpar, Jhorjhora Tiraha, Neelgai Tiraha, Suaariwaah, Climber's Point, Anicut Tiraha, Bathan to Hardia.

Route-B:Main Tala zone entrance gate to Andheri Jhiria tiraha, Mirchahni, futha dumnaar, hardia

Route-C:Main gate to Jamuniha, Chorbahera to Handpump, Dhoviakhol, mahaman tiraha to mahaman dam rood to kanoji Tiraha, Neelgai tiraha. Rajbahera tiraha, anicut tiraha to bathaan, dumnaar, Hardia

Route-D:Main gate to andheri Jhiria, Piparidaand road to Dumnar, Hardia.

Magadhi Zone

It is Gate number 2 and another popular safari zone. Let us check places to visit in Magadhi zone:

Route E:Entrance gate to Banankhan, Boda Talao, Salendha Tiraha, Sookhi Patiha, Tala and magadhi Range boundry to No. 281 to border line to Majhkheta Barrier.

Route F: Entrance gate to Banankha, Charakwa , chakkar road, fire line, baherha, jobiwaah, kareha, patroling camp M2, Sejhaai, piparhai, dabhadol, magadhi, badbada, majhkheta Barrier

Route G:Gohri gate to Jamhol, kudarwah, Jobiwah, Kerhawah, Fire Line to Baherha, pipahai, dabhadol, magdhi, badbada, majhkheta barrier.

Route H: Gohri Gate to Banankha, Kadipani,sehra, dumara, mukunda, magadhi and tala range boundry to No. 281, majhkheta Barrier.<br />

For the vehicles entering from the tala bhadrashila barrier will follow the E, F, G, H route but will return form Gohri Gate.

Khitauli Zone

It is Gate number 3. It is also popular among visitors. Let us check popular places to visit in Khitauli zone of Bandhavgarh.

Route I: Entrance gate to Gadhpuri Barrier, Kumbhi kachhar, Gadawah, Marjadgarh, Chulha, Patroling camp, Madra barrier


Entrance gate to Gadhpuri Barrier, kumbhi kachhar, Gadawarah, Marjadgarh, Chulha, Patroling camp, Gadawaah


Entrance gate to Gadhpuri Barrier, Kumbhi kachhar, Gadawarah, Marjadgarh, chulha, patroling camp, Gadawaah - Kumbhi kachhar, Gadhpuri barrier


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