Peak Seasons

Location: Bandhavgarh

Peak Seasons



Here in Bandhavgarh, tourism activities are open throughout the year. One can undertake jungle safari drives in all seasons but majority of visitors are interested in visiting core safari zones of Bandhavgarh national park like Tala zone, Magadhi zone, Khitauli zone. These core zones are very popular among visitors. Here in Bandhavgarh, core zones can be visited from October to June month of the year. During monsoon period, these core zones remain closed for visitors. Being a popular tiger reserve, we can find tourism activities going on, throughout the season. It means their is no fall in tourists arrival but still their are some periods when park remains full of wildlife lovers. Let us check some of the popular periods when tourists arrival is really very high.

Peak Seasons of Bandhavgarh

We determine Bandhavgarh peak seasons as per the status of safari tickets availability. Here online safari tickets are offered to visitors thus as per tickets availability, we can easily conclude about the tourism season.

October - November

It is the period when famous Hindu festivals like Durga Puja, Dussehra & Diwali etc falls and thus due to holidays, large number of visitors comes to Bandhavgarh national park to appreciate its wilderness. Sometimes Diwali falls in October and sometimes in November. According to its dates, tourism increases. During Diwali festival, park remains closed for visitors, on full-day basis but tickets often remains fully soldout on Diwali & Durga Puja festival dates. We highly recommend advance booking in these dates.


It is another peak season time in Bandhavgarh. During week-end from Christmas to new-years, large number of tourists visits Bandhavgarh. During this period, almost all the safari tickets of core zones, get soldout in advance. Thus if you are looking forward to visit Bandhavgarh in this time, please do your safari tickets booking in advance only.

March - April - May

It is a summer season time when large number of wildlife photographers, school-student groups and families try to visit Bandhavgarh national park. Being a summer time, all major schools examinations get completed thus domestic tourists try to go out for holiday trips. It is also a good period for tiger sighting as due to summer time, tigers can easily be located near waterholes, marshy lands, under tree shades etc. All popular wildlife photographers prefers this period for visit due to better chances of tiger sighting. Thus in this period, safari tickets often gets sold out in advance and thus tourists are advised to plan and book their safari tickets in advance only. 


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