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Do's and Dont's in Bandhavgarh

bandhavgarh do's and dont's inside the parkPlease follw the below mentioned instruction inside the park. These rules were given by the field director for all the visitor going inside the bandhavgarh tiger reserve.

1.Please do not make noise inside the park.

2. Do not take polybags or any kind of waste material inside the park.

3. Plase do not irritate the wild animals by making noise or any kind of activity.

4. Noise producing equipment are not allowed inside the park such as radio, mobile phones etc.

5. Pertol Vehicle having four wheel drive are only allowed to go below the shesh shaiya road and on the road which goes towards the fort.

6. Before the sunset please exit from the park area.

7. Follow the route instruction given inside the park. If found driving in the not mentioned route will ban your entrance inside the park and legal actions will be taken against you.

8. Please keep the park clean as it is our duty to keep the park neat and clean.

9. Maintain the speed limit of 20 km inside the park area.

10. Follow the instructions given by the national park employee staff and the aprk naturalist.

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