Khitauli Zone

Location: Bandhavgarh

Khitauli Zone



Out of three core zones of Bandhavgarh national park, Khitauli is one of them. It is the forest area of Western part of tiger reserve. While coming from Umaria to Bandhavgarh Tala village, once we enter into the forest area, we will find sprawling forest on both sides of roads. The forest area on our left hand side will be Khitauli zone and on right hand side, we will find first Magadhi zone and later Tala zone. Their is no physical boundary in between any safari zones of core or buffer forest.  It is popularly called Gate no.3 as it is created after creation of Tala zone and Magadhi zone. In compare to Tala zone, Khitauli zone is more plane with no hilly terrains but forest is beautiful and dense. 

Khitauli Zone

Khitauli zone came into existence after year 2010. Before year 2010, their was only one safari zone called Tala zone thus it is most popular among visitors. Khitauli and Magadhi zones were created later on due to which they are less popular in compare to Tala zone. With the passage of time, they also gained popularity and now all 3 core zones, attractes majority of tourists, visiting Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. Khitauli zone is well known for Birding and herbivores animals sighting. Here prominently seen mammal species are Leopard, Nilgai, Spotted Deer, Wild Dog (Dholes). Regarding, tiger sighting, which is undoubtedly the prime attraction among visitors, here summers are good in which tiger sighting goes good. During peak summers, probability of tiger sighting increases which is evident from incidences in which local people have even seen tiger from main Umaria - Tala road as some marshy lands are adjacent to road. 

Khitauli Zone: Important places to see

Kumbhi Kachar

Umrar River

Garhpuri Dam

Garhpuri Dam Road

Nilgai Nala

Tedka Munara

Marjadgarh Tower

Charkhi Dongri

Chulha Camp



Majholi Pond


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