Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh Taxi

Location: Bandhavgarh

Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh Taxi



Bandhavgarh has an important place in wildlife tourism map of India. Tourists from all over the world visits India to see wild tigers in their natural habitat. Bandhavgarh national park is a popular tiger reserve we wildlife lovers have the chance to satisfy their eagerness to see tigers in their natural habitat. It is located in Madhya Pradesh state of Central India. Their are various ways to reach Bandhavgarh like by flight, train and by road. For reaching Bandhavgarh by flight or train, Jabalpur city is considered as most convenient place to reach first. Distance from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh is 180kms (one side). Their are different routes for traveling from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh but shortest one will take you their in 4:00hrs. We offer regular tourist taxi service from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh and vice versa. Here we have shared information about this ground transfer in which we have provided information about route, car rental service and how to do taxi booking. Bandhavgarh lies in north-east of Jabalpur city. Although their are three different routes for reaching Bandhavgarh but among them, route via Shahpura is best suited as it is shortest and road condition is also good. Travel duration on this routes is of 4:00hrs in normal conditions. Being a most suitable place for visiting Bandhavgarh, large number of tourist opts Jabalpur for both arrival and departure. We offer our car rental service to such visitors.

Taxi Service

We maintain our tourist taxi fleet at our Bandhavgarh & Jabalpur offices, through which we take care of any ground transfer requirements of tourists for visiting Bandhavgarh and other destinations. As their is no direct bus service from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh thus cab service is considered as the most popular mode of transport. Our services are open for all the tourists visiting Bandhavgarh. We offer online taxi booking service by which anyone can hire taxi any time on short notice by depositing the advance payment and ID details. At present we are regularly offering our service to top travel agents in India and from other countries. Our fleet of vehicle includes all type of commercially registered vehicles which are commonly used in all over India. Our cabs can be availed or booked in flexible modes like for one-way drops, two-way transfers and for compelte tour package basis in which tourist can use the cab for complete tour, covering multiple destinations in many days.

Safe Car Rental

We offer absolutely safe and reliable car rental service. Bandhavgarh car rental service comes under banner of "Indus Excursion" which is a government registered firm and is member of "Indian Association of Travel Agents (IATO)". We are continuously providing all tourism services to tourists from India and other corners of world like Britain, America, Spain, Italy, Australia, Belgium, France, Sweden, German, New Zeland etc. We have expertise in Central India tourism and are offering wide range of travel services like tour planning, hotel bookings, jungle safari booking, ground transfers etc. in which car rental is important segment. All the vehicles in our fleet is in excellent condition and fulfills all legal formalities like tax, fee, permits etc. All the drivers have minimum experience of 15 years in roads of North-Central India. They are known to all popular routes and alternate routes. Majority of the vehicles are GPRS equipped through which vehicles always remain traceable and in touch of our monitoring team. Our clientele includes inbound FIT's, corporate giants, some of the top travel companies of India based in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Agra, Jaipur, Kolkata etc. At the same time we are serving to independent tourists (not through any travel company). During tours, drivers have been informed of all the tour itinerary and mid-way stoppage points. We assigned the duty on tour-wise fashion in which vehicle & driver remains same during complete tour and followed by our office team. We maintain back-up support for emergency situations.

Taxi Booking

We offer online tourist taxi booking service. It is easy and can be made at any time from any corner of world. You just required to send your query. Our expert team will analyze it and respond to you in shortest possible time. You are free to raise questions arising in your mind, during email conversation. On satisfaction, you can provide you identity details and make the advance payment to confirm the booking. We made all our terms & conditions clear to guest before receiving payment and maintain no hidden cost or fact to ensure fair deal and secure positive feedback. In addition to taxi booking, we also offers additional services like jungle safari booking, hotel / resort booking in Bandhavgarh & Jabalpur.


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