Bandhavgarh Geography

Location: Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh Geography


Geography Details

Area = 1598.10 Sq.Kms. (Bandhavgarh National Park + Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary)

Core Zone = 716.903 Sq.Kms.

Buffer Zone = 820.03 Sq.Kms,

Latitude = 23.72154443 

Longitude = 81.01888597

Altitude = 441mts to 811 mts above Sea level

Rainfall = 1170mm

Temperature = Ranges from 2 Cel. to 45 Cel.

Forest Type: Mosit Peninsular Low Level Sal = 3C/C2a


Geography Information

Bandhavgarh tiger reserve lies in Eastern region of Madhya Pradesh state. It is spread over areas of Umaria and Katni districts. In geographical terms, Bandhavgarh tiger reserve forest is spread over Vindhyachal mountain ranges which is one of the important mountain range of Central India in which large number of wildlife species, trees and some tribal human population is residing since many centuries. It is still in well preserved condition and under care of Forest department of Madhya Pradesh. Famous Panna Tiger Reserve is also spread over same mountain range. It is a semi dey decidous forest type where we can experience all major seasons i.e. Summers, Winters & Monsoon season. During monsoon season from July to September, tourism activities remains at its lowest side as safari tacks often gets damaged due to rainfall. Still Buffer safari zones remain open for visitors to experience Bandhavgarh safari in monsoon period.

At present Bandahvgarh Tiger Reserve is spread over an area of  1598.10 sq.kms. area which includes Bandhavgarh national park area and Panpatha wildlife sanctuary area. This area is likely to be increased with the passage of time. Similarly Park management is working on developing better pre-base and vegetation so that wildlife is further increase and flourish. Altitude of tiger reserve varies from 441 meters to 811 meters, from sea level. Here we can find 32 hills with man-made fort which is currently in ruined condition. It is on hill-top at the height of 811 meters.

Geographical Boundaries

It is often seen that, for sake of convenience, government department often uses natural lines as boundaries as life of such boundaries is long and they are natural thus their is no chance of disputes. Similarly here also, Forest Department has used some natural boundaries and villages to demark the boundaries of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. While deciding the boundaries, they make use of Umrar river, Sone river, Charanganga river etc.

North Boundary

It is marked with Umrar river, passing through Khitauli RF block which is part of Katni district. RF stands for Reserve Forest blocks. This river is treated as boundary till it meets Bagdari forest village. Naming of Umaria district is believed to be derived from Umrar river. Many of its blocks falls in Umaria district in which prominent ones are Khitauli RF Block, Dobha RF block, Charanganga PF block, Kudia RF block, Halphal Nala, Majhauli-Sejwal RF block etc.

Eastern Boundary

Here they used the Eastern bank of Sone river, Sejwahi RF block, Guruwahi RF block, North of Dobha village, Bagaiha Nala, Dobha RF block, Johila river to mark Eastern boundary. Here they also make use of various pillars to mark the boundary. Each pillar has its unique number, assigned to identify them easily.

Southern Boundary

For southern boundary of tiger reserve, they used compartment no. 255, 256, 245, 242 of Bandhavgarh RF block, boundary of compartment no. 230 of Rohaniya RF block. In between these blocks, many pillars are installed with unique numbers to mark the boundary. Here forest of Bandhavgar and Rohinya blocks are considered as southern boundary.

Western Boundary

For Western boundary of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, reserve forest of Badrehal-Chirrawah, Bandhavgarh forest block with compartment numbers 246, 257, 267, 268, Tala forest block, pillars of Gohadi, Garhpuri forest blocks, Majhauli forest blocks etc. plays important role to identify the boundary. Here Gohadi entrance gate, Garhpuri dam etc are the popular areas, known to visitors. This boundary touches Umrar river as its limit.


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