Tiger movement near Human Establishment

Tiger movement near Human Establishment


In these days, chances of man-animal conflict has been increased. Recently villagers have noticed increase in Tiger movement in Buffer zone forest area of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, which is close to Barhi township. This area is attached to Khitauli zone and large number of local villages are located in the region like Karondi Kalan, Kuan, Salaiya-Sihora, Jamunia, Jhiriya etc. Villagers have seen the tiger movement due to which they are mostly avoiding visit to agricultural fields. Recently tiger made kill of local cattle who was inside a house-complex which is warning sign for local villagers. Similarly on 26/Aug/2018, tiger killed cattle in Salaiya Sihora. 

Tiger movement near Human Establishment

Reasons for Man-Animal Conflict

Although it is not new incidence but it is important to understand why such situation arises? If we study the life-cycle of a tiger we will notice that tiger is a continuous struggler. Throughout the life they have to struggle for survival. When they born, they have threat from other male tigers as they often kills cubs in their infancy. When they attained adulthood and get separated from mother, they have to made kills by themselves and need their own territory. Here they have to engage in territorial conflict with existing territory holder tiger in which mostly one tiger gets killed. Till they are unable to create their own territory, they use to spend time in buffer forest area to avoid conflicts with territory holder tigers and attain physical power and keep themselve alive. In this phase of life, chance of man-animal conflict also arises as they often kills cattles who entered into forest area for grazing or somethime they intrude into village to kill cattle as they are soft-targets. If a young tiger survives and manage to attained territory then they use to spend their life in their territory and try to increase it by engaging into series of conflicts woth existing territory holder tigers. Those who loose their territory, they migrate into buffer areas and now they spend time in Buffer zone forest area and their chance of man-animal conflict increases. When tiger was in his old-age or badly injured in territorial conflicts or in his early youth, scope for such man-animal conflicts increases. They kills cattles are it seems to be easy for them. Results of such conflicts are always dangerous as many times, in order to take revenge, human society put poison on caracass of dead animal which often resulted into death of tiger. Sometime villagers electrocuted their fields to avoid protect their field from tresspassing and sometime with intention to kill animal with aim to consume their meat. Although it is a crime but such incidences are still going on and may result into killing of many wild animals, sometime revealed to administration and sometime went un-noticed. Human beings are not the natural prey of tigers and in their life, tigers often avoids the presence of human beings but sometimes unfortunate incidence happens due of different reasons. 

Forest Department Role

Here forest department have laid plan, how to act on such situation. On getting such report of tiger movement, near human establishment, they increase their patroling over that region. Sometimes they uses elephants to push the tiger, inside forest area and release local advisory to local villagers. When killing of any village cattle reported, Forest Department gives compensation to cattle owner so that they may not take any unfortunate step and reduce the anger of local society. If a tiger was proved habitual offender, or man-eater, department may put such tiger in captivity. This captivity could be of life-time or for some duration, as per experts advisory.  Apart from this, department also checks the human movement, into forest area to avoid chances of probable conflict. Local villagers often deliberately enter into forest area for cattle grazing and putting themselves and cattle life in risk. Forest department tries to check such movements and warn them from doing so.

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