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Bandhavgarh Jungle Safari

bandhavgarh jungle safari

Popular for having highest density of tigers, Bandhavgarh Park Safari offers lifetime experience to watch wildlife in wilderness. Being located at Vindhya mountains, Bandhavgarh is surrounded by 32 hills covered by sprawling lush green nature and nestled with wild animals, rare birds & butterflies.

Before Park Safari
Before proceeding for park safari, it is advisable to carry following item with you:

  1. Sun-glasses
  2. Sun-hat
  3. Good-quality camera is essential to capture best images of wildlife in Bandhavgarh.
  4. Wear clothes of color matching with surrounding, avoid wearing shiny clothes.
  5. Keep binocular/s with you. During park-safari, most of the time you will find you have to keep distance from animal, during such time binocular will prove to be the best thing to watch them.
  6. Keep sufficient memory-cards & camera batteries with you as forest offers enormous images to capture and often visitors feel shortage of memory/ battery.
Park Safari Timings
Morning Safari
Evening Safari Time
Fort Safari (Closed)
15 Oct - 15 Feb
06:30 - 11:00
14:30 - 17:30
Sunrise - to - Sunset
16 Feb - 31 Mar
06:00 - 11:00
15:00 - 18:00
Sunrise - to - Sunset
01 Apr - 30 June
05:30 - 10:00
16:00 - 19:00
Sunrise - to - Sunset

Note: Safari timing is discretionary power of Park management & may change anytime as per situation.

bandhavgarh park safari Entering for Park Safari
Park safari in Bandhavgarh is the most important event of wildlife safari tour. Just like Game Drive / Park Safari in any other National Park in Madhya Pradesh, two park safaris are offered to wildlife lovers. First park safari of the day is held in early morning at 06:00 hrs of around 04:30 hrs duration and similarly second park safari begins from 14:30hrs of duration about 03:00 hrs. Game drives are conducted on 4-wheel driven vehicles which are not more than 5 years old. In each vehicle 6 passengers were allowed to travel along with one naturalist guide and one driver. Recently 12-seater open canters are also introduced for jungle safaris. Jeeps are booked on per vehicle basis where as canters are booked on per seat basis. Canter safari in Bandhavgarh is a much awaited initiative of Madhya Pradesh Forest Department. Most of the safari jeeps are privately owned by local villagers and resort authorities where as canters are managed by Madhya Pradesh Tourism department. All such safari jeeps were allotted a particular serial number after their registration into national park management authority. Before entering into the tiger reserve, some formalities are to be done at entrance gate counter which includes filling up of form in which vehicle details, naturalist details, visitors details (like identity proof details), driver details are provided along with submission of government entrance fee. Generally it takes 15-20 minutes, so it is advisable to consider this time also in planning for game drive.

During Park Safari
Once you enter into the Tiger Reserve, follow all the instructions of your naturalist. It is always advisable to keep, all your senses, alert during park safari as in jungle is full of surprises. In forest every tree, insect, animal, bird is special. Always keep your camera on and put your finger over image capturing button as there is no scope for re-take in forest. During park safari, nobody is allowed to dismount safari jeep in any case. In the mid of safari, all the safari jeeps are required to report central-point inside the tiger reserve. At this point, one can have chance for refreshment. It is rest of 15-20 minutes and later proceed for further game drive in Bandhavgarh forest. During park safari you may also notice some man-made cares, rock-shelters etc for photography. Wildlife is driven by their own and don’t try to influence them for sake of wildlife photography.

Tiger Sightseeing
bandhavgarh tiger safari Bandhavgarh is known for assured tiger sighting. Sita and Charger were the most popular tiger-couple of Bandhavgarh. Among all Bandhavgarh Safari Zones, Tala Zone in Bandhavgarh is spread over of 105 sq. km. have highest tiger density of about 5 sq. km. Tala zone is also referred as Gate-1. Other two zones are Magdhi Zone (Gate-2) & Khitauli Zone (Gate-3).

Tiger Show: Tiger Show is popular program organized by Park authorities for visitors to show tiger/s on Elephant back for 5-10 mins. In Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Tiger tracking is done on elephants and accordingly tiger shows are organized. Tiger Show in Bandhavgarh is organized when tiger is somewhere away from main safari track. It is always suggested to do tiger sighting from safe distance and never try to intentionally draw attention of tiger towards own for sake of photography. Un-necessary noise often teases tigers which results him to leave the place or show aggression against teaser. More facts about Tiger Show:

Tiger Show Facts
  • It is organized by Forest Department.
  • It has not fix time or day. Tiger Show is organized in Morning Safari when tiger tracking is done successfully.
  • It is a chargeable service. Fee is charged by park official, on the spot, on per person basis.
  • It is optional to visitor. Visitor can avail this service as per his wish.
  • Tiger/s is shown to visitors for 5-10 mins in routine wise and photography allowed during this time.
  • Maximum 4 Persons can go on one elephant for tiger show at a time.
  • In case, visitor has paid the fee and before reaching the spot, tiger/s has left the place, full-fee will be refunded back to visitor as he hasn't seen tiger.
  • Where & when to organize tiger show is decided by park management and is not pre-determined.


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