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Bandhavgarh is a world famous national park for tiger photography and sighting. Here you can see tigers in their natural habitat, along with many other mammals, birds and reptiles. India's first white tiger was also found in this forest. It was a private hunting preserve of Baghela dunasty till 1968. Later hunting was declared offence and for tiger conversation, it was declared are national park followed by tiger reserve status. In this website we have tried to share all the vital information that a tourist is expected to know which includes travel information, location details, wildlife of park, birds checklist, ancient caves, heritage fort, jungle safari, elephant rides, tour packages, popular resorts etc.

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Wild Elephants in Tala Zone
Now a days, jungle safari drives is closed on Tala zone of Bandhavgarh national park. It is closed since last 7 days and no-body knows for how long, safari drives will remain closed. The reason behind restriction of jungle safari drives in Tala zone is presence of wild elephants in this forest area. Few days back, during jungle safari drive, wild elephants charged on some safari vehicles due to which, for sake of tourists security, park management decided to close the Tala zone for safari drives. It will remain closed till wild elephants group is present their. Till last safari season,  wild elephants never visited Bandhavgarh tiger reserve but in current safari season, group of Wild Elephants have entered into this forest area....

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Wild Elephants in Bandhavgarh National Park
Introduction So far we have an update that their is no Wild Elephants in Madhya Pradesh state. Whatever elephants we see in various national parks, are either purchased from other states or they offsprings of those purchased elephants. This is the reason why elephant rides are not very common in all the tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh state. Recently a group of approx. 28 Wild Elephants reached Bandhavgarh forest. They reached Khitauli zone of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve area in 3rd week of December 2018 and till now, present their. As per local sources, two of the female Elephants have given birth of baby elephants thus it is believed that they will not leave Bandhavgarh very soon. It is said that a group of 10 Elephants is on the way and...

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Journey Continues for Sundari Tigress of Bandhavgarh
Introduction Sundari tigress is from Bandhavgarh national park of Madhya Pradesh. She was part of a deal between two states i.e. Madhya Pradesh and Odisha in which Madhya Pradesh agreed to provide tigress to Odisha for revival of tiger population in their Satkosia Tiger Reserve. For this shifting, Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh selected Sundari tigress of Bandhavgarh. Prior approval was taken from NTCA, for this translocation. Authorities claims that they have studied all aspects before translocation. Sundari tigress was first put in an enclosure for about 40 days and later shifted from Madhya Pradesh to Odisha state where once again put for some days in enclosure. Finally released in Satkosia Tiger Reserve in August month. All this done with positive intentions.   

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Controversy Over Bandhavgarh Tigress in Satkoshia Tiger Reserve
Satkosia Tiger Reserve is located in Angul district of Odisha state in South-East India. It is spread over an area of 988.30 sq.kms. Recently Bandhavgarh Tigress "Sundari" was shifted from Bandhavgarh forest to this tiger reserve. Its as is around two & half years. Since beginning of this translocation project, it is under shadow of controversy. Some voices raised against such shifting as it could lead to adaption problem in tigress but after shifting, local villagers were raising voice against her presence in forest area, close to their villages.

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Tiger movement near Human Establishment
Introduction In these days, chances of man-animal conflict has been increased. Recently villagers have noticed increase in Tiger movement in Buffer zone forest area of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, which is close to Barhi township. This area is attached to Khitauli zone and large number of local villages are located in the region like Karondi Kalan, Kuan, Salaiya-Sihora, Jamunia, Jhiriya etc. Villagers have seen the tiger movement due to which they are mostly avoiding visit to agricultural fields. Recently tiger made kill of local cattle who was inside a house-complex which is warning sign for local villagers. Similarly on 26/Aug/2018, tiger killed cattle in Salaiya Sihora. 

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